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Welcome to Smyth Appraisals. We are a full-service residential appraisal company with a team of experienced residential appraisers.

We provide prompt, professional real estate appraisals for a variety of clients including lenders, attorneys, homeowners, and for any purpose in which a professional real estate appraiser is required.

We are FHA Approved!

Our Phone Number is: 1-800-576-4105

Coverage Area: Please review our coverage area for a more detailed explanation of our market area.

Turn Around Times: - Currently our turn around times are 2 to 3 days after the inspection, however, call us today and we will work around your schedule if needed.

Fee Schedule: - We remain reasonable with our fees. Click here to view our Fee Schedule

To Order an Appraisal

  • Fax Order Form
    - Download our order form in PDF format. Simply print a copy and fax it back to us at: 1-949-206-0667

  • Order Online - This link will take you to our online appraisal order form. We will call to verify your order and discuss your appraisal assignment in detail.

  • You may reach us at 1-800-576-4105.

We Accept Credit Cards!